How do I get to Villa Mentawai?

Villa Mentawai is accessible from Padang in West Sumatra, Indonesia. You can fly to Padang via Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta or Batam. The Villa is located in Central Mentawai Islands on a small island called Simakakang which is a 10 minute speedboat ride from the ferry port at Tuapejat on Sipora Island. The most common way to get to Tuapejet is by the Mentawai Fast Ferry which departs and returns to Padang 4 days per week. It is also possible to fly from Padang to Sipora Island using Susi Air. We will arrange all the logistics for you to get you to the Villa. On arrival at Padang Airport, our driver, Dony (the one with the big smile) will be waiting for you at the airport and will take you to the hotel. We have a range of hotels that we use in Padang depending on your budget. The Mentawai Fast Ferry operates a service from Padang to Tuapejat on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday mornings. The ferry is modern and comfortable and takes approximately 3 hours 15 minutes. On arrival at the jetty at Tuapejat, we will meet you and transfer you to our speedboat for the 10 minute trip to Villa Mentawai.  

What is he best time of the year to stay?

Villa Mentawai is open all year round. The main surfing season is from April - October although that does not mean surfing is restricted only to those months. Outside of the peak season good surfing can still be enjoyed with smaller waves and a less consistent swell frequency in the other months. As there are numerous other activities outside of the surfing season, we cater for guests throughout the year. The tropical warm climate does not vary much and ranges from 27-29 deg C (80-84 deg F). There is only mild seasonal variation of cloud cover thoughout the year. The clearest part of the year is from May - August. The driest time of the year is between May and September. The wettest month is usually November.


What Should I Bring?

- We insist on travel insurance which covers medical emergencies and evacuation

- If you are surfing then ensure you have good travel bags, wax, spare leg rope and resin repair kit. There will be a ferry fee for each surfboard bag and there is a standard luggage allowance of 15kg per person.

- Bring sun protection such as sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and rashy shirts.

- Bring your own medical kit including basic medications and bandages in case you come in close contact with the reefs. Also ensure you have a good antiseptic such as Betadine or Tea Tree oil.  It is not uncommon to experience minor cuts on coral reefs so we would recommend rubber booties.

- Bring Indonesian currency to purchase alcoholic drinks, massages, gifts, additional boat trips etc. There are shops at nearby Tuapejat where Indonesian SIM cards, batteries etc can bought.

-Although Malaria is not common in the Mentawais, there can be some mosquitos and sand flies so please bring enough insect repellent to last for the duration of your stay.

How can I communicate with the outside world?

-We are very fortunate to have 3G/4G coverage at the Villa due to the close proximity of Tuapejat. If you do not wish to use global roaming on your phone, we recommend buying a prepaid Indonesian SIM card to use.

How prepared is the Villa for an emergency situation?

- The Villa is very close to Tuapejat where there exists basic  medical facilities, airport and fast ferry. In addition there is continuous mobile cell phone coverage.

- The Villa has a Tsunami Emergency Response Plan which includes using the significant size hill behind the property for a quick escape to high ground if ever necessary.

- Each room is equipped with portable emergency lighting and fire extinguisher. There also exists several handheld VHF radios.

- Child and adult size inflatable life jackets are available on our speed boats.