Mentawai surf

All you need to know about surfing in Mentawai Islands

The waves


The location of Villa Mentawai simply cannot be beaten! Not only does it offer up a stack of world-class waves rite in our back yard (Tikus, Telescopes, Suicides, Icelands), but it’s also perfectly situated for day trips to South Sipora ft. Hollow Trees, Lances, Bintangs, and Playgrounds ft. Rifles, Kandui, Hideaways plus other less known waves.

Surf map


Telescopes is the most famous wave in the area, it’s hard to beat this break for its variety of sections, with super long rip-able walls and mechanical tube sections, it can also hold real size.


Located just south of Telescopes, this under rated, super consistent wave, offers extremely long rip-able walls then bowls into an end tube section. Scarecrows is as good as any wave in the area on it’s day!


This super fun left-hander is only just up the beach from Villa Mentawai. Ombak Tikus is a hidden gem and fun for most levels of surfer depending on the size. At 2-3ft it’s super fun and user friendly, offering crazy shoulders, rip-able walls and the occasional cover up however, over 4-5ft it takes on a different look and feel.


A picture perfect right-hand barrel for advanced surfers when it’s pumping, but can be a fun ripple wall suitable for intermediate surfers on the higher tides.

Seven Palms

A great walling left with occasional hollow sections. Seven Palms can be a fun option in small to medium SW swells.